Mounting the Motor

This page requires a little history that I think, all that do this convertion, need to know. It deals with a company
known as Xcessive Manufacturing. I have heard that they make a good quality product but when I dealt with them, I was
very dissappointed in the customer service. They advertise a motor mount bracket for an RA64 Chassis, which is the
Celica ST/GT chassis. The GTS Chassis is an RA65 Chassis which is almost the exact same as the RA64 except that it has
the IRS rear Suspension. Many people confuse the RA64/RA65 chassis with the MA64 Chassis, which is the celica supra.
The MA64 Supra chassis has the front crossmember moved up by 2 inches, as compared to the RA64/RA65 chassis, in order to
allow for the 5M-GE inline 6 cylinder engine instead of the 22RE 4 cylinder engine. When you try to mount a 1UZ-FE with
these brackets, the motor sits very well directly over the front crossmember in the Supra. If you try to install the
1UZ-FE in a Celica GTS, RA64/RA65 Chassis, with these brackets, the motor mounts will have to sit about 2" forward of
the front crossmember. The brackets that Xcessive advertises for the RA64 chassis will only work if the motor is mounted
over the crossmember and thus the motor will be too far forward. When I questioned Xcessive and sent them pictures, I
was told that I had a special application and that it would be several months before they could tool up to make the
custome brackets I needed for my custom application. I tried to explain and use the pictures to show them that the
brackets they were selling would not work for the RA64 chassis but they insisted that I had a special application and
would not correct their webpage. It is a shame that their arrogance could not let them see the error and I had to
demand my money back and build my own brackets. I have talked to others who had to wait as long as 6 months to get their
brackets from Xcessive.
Below are the pictures of the measurments and construction of my brackets. The steel I used was much thicker than I
needed but I know it will hold up to the stresses of this engine.

Click on the thumbnail to get a larger picture

Ok enough of the wrong way to do this. Now lets make it work. In 2 evenings, I was able to weld up my own,
Correct Brackets. I know they don't look as pretty but they hold the motor perfect. The next few pics show
the work I had to do to get the motor to sit perfect in the car so I could get the right measurements and
then you will see the parts cut out and welded together to make the correct brackets. You will also see the
2" offset that had to be put in these brackets to hold the motor in the correct place.